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The Christmas 2004 Williraye Studio Collection

Winter Play Ornaments 6 styles
Set of 6, resin, metal, hand painted, hand crafted
3" X 1-¼" X 2 ¾"H
$54.00 set of 6

Christmas Delivery
Resin, hand painted, hand crafted
7-½" X 4" X 11-½"H
$55.00 SOLD OUT

Santa Doll
Resin, metal, hand painted, hand painted
2-¼" X 3" X 11-½"H
$30.00 SOLD OUT

Hobbie Horse
Resin, hand painted, hand painted
9-½" X 3-¼" X 8-½"H
$45.00 SOLD OUT

WW2411 Snow people bundled in coats and scarves with stripes and checkers
larger view
WW2411 Margaret [L]
WW2412 Junior [C]
WW2410 Chester [R]

Snowfolks, Margaret
Resin, metal, hand painted/crafted
9" X 3-½" X 7 ¼"H
$ 37.50 SOLD OUT

Snowfolks, Junior
Resin, metal, hand painted/crafted
3-½" X 3" X 4"H
$17.50 SOLD OUT

Snowfolks, Chester
Resin, metal, hand painted/crafted
9" X 3-½" X 7 ¼"H
$37.50 SOLD OUT

Christmas 2004 Catalog
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